Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival presented by Good Time Tricycle.

Well ladies and gentleman, back and fresh from a roadtrip that took me up and down the east coast, to a tune of 2700 miles on my brand spankin new Volkswagen, I found myself at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.  An annual outing of shenanigans that includes fun, games, beer and stellar musical acts for those of all ages, wait that's not right, those who are 21+.  This year I was commissioned by the headlining band of the evening session on Saturday, Pepper, to come capture some photos.  Supporting acts included Cheezy and the Crackers as well as my new friends Tropidelic. I think the pictures below give a slight inidication of how awesome this event is, hope to see everyone there again next year! Make sure you check out Good Time Tricycle for other awesome events throughout the year.